ACostuming, cooking, metalwork, brewing, leatherwork and so very, very much more...

Kytte's Calligraphy and IlluminationIt’s hard to escape the arts and sciences – that’s what we call the huge collection of research areas, art, craft and engineering within the Society.

Even if you are considering joining with a single interest - maybe just to do archery or combat - after a while you’ll venture into A&S territory. Maybe you might start researching how to make a leather armour piece, or how the fletching on arrows was done, or wondering what exactly famous Italian fencers had to say about that move they were talking about at practice last night. All activity in the Society has A&S underpinnings.

Still more members join because of the arts and sciences - just how many places can you find people to show you how to cut a quill, make pigment from oak galls, spit roast venison on a lake shore or build siege engines? We have people from all over the Isles who study and create works from nearly every type of craft from the Middle Ages.

For more information visit the Insulae Draconis Arts and Sciences page .

Practical tips for starting with A&S

  • Our Society prides itself on sharing our skills with others who want to learn. If you see someone doing or working on something that interests you, just ask!
  • Check out our How to guides and see if there’s something to take your fancy.