Welcome to the Shire of Pont Alarch


Darlington is the seat of Lord Alexander of Derlington, Armourer and Leatherworker. Workshops happen a few times per year.


Seat of Viscountess Alana Utteritch, Fighter, Archer, Seamstress and Leatherworker.
Also the seat of Lady Kytte of the Lake, urstwhile Kytte of Kingeslake taken as bounty in a raid on her Celtic homelands.
Lady Kytte is the Scourge of the dagger and spoon and is also mighty with quill and parchment.


Centre of activity in the northern part of the shire. Seat of Lord Wolfrum von Falkenstein and Lady Alessandra di Riario.
Both skilled fighters with both Rapier and Heavy sword.
Regular Practices and A&S every Wednesday as well as Shire days on weekends throughout the year.
Linton Memorial Hall, The Pastures, Linton Ln, Linton, Wetherby LS22 4HL

Long Riston

Seat of the mighty 'Tartan Badger' Lord Alexander of Longriston. Famous for it's highland piper, apple pie and occasional fight practice.


Seat of Viscount Master Yannick of Normandy and Lady Haesel de Berneslai. Master Archers both.
Armouring, Leatherworking and tailoring can be found here also.


Now in the district of the Hamlet of Okynfirth. Seat of Lady Eleanor of Dovebridge. Famed for Arts and Science persuits - including Cake.






Alex of Long Riston (Alex Crompton)
[email protected]

Yannick of Normandy
[email protected]

Minister of Arts and Sciences
Áfríðr Eiríksdóttir (Amanda Barrow) She/Her
[email protected]

Practice Details:

Regular heavy and fencing practices and A and S meet are at Linton Memorial Hall Linton, near Wetherby LS22 4Z on Wednesdays at 6pm-9pm, usually with some social time in the pub after, please contact the seneschal, Alessandra di Riario (Lesley McIntee) for details of individual sessions. Shire days are roughly every two months.


Okynfirth is a new hamlet within the Shire of Pont Alarch covering the English Midlands


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